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Shurseal Applicator
3 Efficiency Boosting Approaches to Keep Your Packages — and Your Budget — Intact

Developing systematic, cost-effective packaging and shipping processes that ensure products leaving your facility arrive safely and securely at a consumer’s doorstep is no simple task.

AF 99 UL Listed HVAC Tape
How to Determine if an HVAC Tape is UL Compliant

UL listing identifies if a tape is suitable for HVAC installation.

FrogTape Performance Masking application
How to Choose the Right Performance Masking Tape for the Application

High-performance masking tapes are critical tools in any marine, automotive, transportation or industrial painting and coating application.

FrogTape Performance Masking Tape application
Tapes and Crepes: What are the Differences in Paper Backing?

A little tape product knowledge up front can help you work easier and save you headaches or costly mistakes from tape failure in the long run.

bundling with duct tape
How to Choose the Right Duct Tape for the Job

When it comes to selecting a duct tape, it’s important to understand how they are tested and measured.

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Goosenecking is a method of securing, waterproofing and particle-proofing a trash or waste containment bag. When done correctly, goosenecking will prevent the contents of the bag from spilling, leaking or falling out when the bag is inverted.