DC 181 application
How To Achieve HVAC Full System Closure
HVAC Technician, Zac Desjardins, shows us the three tapes he typically uses for HVAC installs and how to achieve a proper seal. Choosing the right tape for your application should always be a priority. In addition to selecting the right tape for the job, you also need...
duct tape being used for abatement
How are duct tapes used in abatement?
One of the most versatile types of tape, duct tape is often used in abatement and restoration jobs that involve rugged surfaces and tougher climates. It can be used to hang poly sheeting for building barriers and adheres well to rough surfaces, unpainted wood, and...
Shurtape Folded Edge hand dispenser on corrugate box
What is BOPP tape in packaging?
BOPP technology is versatile and used in a variety of packaging tapes. BOPP tapes are among the most widely used in the shipping and inventory management industries. They are known for their strong, secure seals and resistance to extreme temperatures. But why are BOPP...
Sealing a box with acrylic tape using hand dispenser
Why and when should you pick acrylic tape?
When selecting tape for your projects, it is vital to make sure you are using the right tool for the job. From HVAC tape to packaging tape to duct tape, a wide variety of options are available. Choosing the wrong type can lead to a poor seal or damaged contents. What...
boxes on packaging line
Why can’t I use duct tape to ship out packages?

When shipping out packages, it might seem like an obvious choice to use duct tape to seal it.

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Goosenecking is a method of securing, waterproofing and particle-proofing a trash or waste containment bag. When done correctly, goosenecking will prevent the contents of the bag from spilling, leaking or falling out when the bag is inverted.