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How are abatement tapes used in crime scenes?

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Abatement, Building & Construction

Would we really know it’s a crime scene without the bright yellow barricade tape lining the perimeter? While it is iconic of crime dramas and action movies, police tape printed with “Caution” or “Do Not Cross” is actually the same material that is often used by abatement and remediation professionals on the job.

Barricade tapes are used in crime scenes by law enforcement to protect the integrity of the crime scene while evidence is being collected, as well as to protect both the officers and investigators at the scene and any passersby or curious onlookers from dangerous materials. Bright colors like yellow are used because they draw your eye quickly, ensuring that people can see the blockade from a distance and have plenty of warning to steer clear of it and avoid danger.

The backing of crime scene barricade tapes is made from a durable non-adhesive polyethylene material, which allows it to withstand environmental and weather conditions ranging from rain and wind to dust and debris from wreckage. It resists tears and stretching, reducing the chance of sagging and making it ideal for creating a barrier that lasts for the duration of the investigation or cleanup.

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