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How are barricade tapes used in abatement?

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Abatement, Building & Construction

Abatement professionals know that they need to have a variety of tapes in their toolbox to be prepared for every job, and one of those is a barricade tape.

Barricade tapes are the brightly colored non-adhesive tapes that we often see in depictions of crime scenes or construction sites, and are often printed with the words “Danger” or “Caution.” These tapes are useful in a variety of applications to indicate high risk areas or to mark off areas of restricted entry.

In abatement applications, barricade tapes are used to mark areas that may contain polluted air or other toxins or hazards that would be harmful if inhaled or touched. These hazards may be the result of fire damage, mold or asbestos, or an existing meth lab in the structure that is being abated. Barricade tapes warn workers and civilians of inherent risks found within a containment and serve as a separating barrier to keep non-professionals out.

If your abatement project involves inherent danger or risks to civilians, hanging barricade tape around the perimeter of the affected area is a good safety practice.

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