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How are duct tapes used in abatement?

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Abatement, Building & Construction

One of the most versatile types of tape, duct tape is often used in abatement and restoration jobs that involve rugged surfaces and tougher climates. It can be used to hang poly sheeting for building barriers and adheres well to rough surfaces, unpainted wood, and metal. It can also be useful for general purpose bundling and repairs.

Some of the advantages to duct tape is that it is easy to tear by hand yet also durable enough to withstand some pulling and stretching, making it a good fit when building containments for abatement jobs when clean removal is not needed due to a tear-down following cleanup. It does not curl or twist up when removed from the roll, making application quick and easy. Duct tape can also be helpful for hanging poly sheeting or other materials in colder temperatures, as some types are engineered for use in environments as cold as 25 degrees F.

If your abatement job requires a tape that will provide quick stick to rugged surfaces, consider using a duct tape that is designed to provide an all-weather hold.

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