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How can the jobsite environment impact the performance of abatement tape?

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Abatement

In abatement and restoration applications, the jobsite environment can have a heavy impact on your tape’s performance. Abatement projects like asbestos removal, fumigation, cleanup of smoke and fire damage, and other disaster relief efforts are usually accompanied by dust, dirt, moisture, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures. All of these factors have a hand in how tape performs, and no two jobsites are the same.

When considering the right tape for the job, be sure to consider the texture of the surfaces to which you will be applying it, as well as the conditions that it will need to stand up against, like hot or moist climates.

To minimize frustration, look for tapes that are designed to withstand harsh environments and are aggressive enough to bond strongly with rough or dirty surfaces. Always consider your application in order to find the best tape for the job.

Another factor when considering the surface you are sticking to is whether or not the tape has to remove cleanly. You don’t want to choose a very aggressive tape to get through a “dirty” or “dusty” surface if the surface has to be preserved. Instances like these would call for cleaning of the surface as part of proper preparation.

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