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What are the benefits of double-sided abatement tape?

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Abatement, Building & Construction

Double-sided abatement tape was created with the intention of simplifying the containment building process during abatement and remediation jobs. As opposed to the traditional two-step containment building process using a painter’s tape and a duct tape, it eliminates the hassle of having to use two different kinds of tape, saving you time and money in the process.

Double-sided abatement tape removes an entire step from the containment building process by providing two different types of adhesives in one tape. A gentle, painter’s tape adhesive on one side allows the tape to be applied to a variety of surfaces without causing damage or leaving adhesive residue behind when removed. The other side features a more aggressive adhesive that quickly sticks to the poly sheeting – safely securing the poly and creating an airtight barrier around the contaminated area.

The greatest advantage of double-sided abatement tape is the faster application and removal time compared to the traditional two-step, two-tape process. It is important to contain contaminated areas as quickly as possible in order to prevent the spread of hazardous materials like mold, asbestos, or chemicals – and a double-sided tape significantly cuts down on the time required to do so. Rather than having to put down a first layer of painter’s tape, hold the poly sheeting up, and then tape it down with a duct tape, double-sided tape allows you to apply tape to the surface once and attach the poly sheet. It has even been shown to provide a time savings of 65%! Want to see for yourself how much time it saves? Watch our video here.

Not only does this tape save you time, it also can save you money. Since only one tape is required, need to be purchased per job. It also eliminates the hassle of trying to choose between different painter’s and duct tapes to use for abatement applications and figuring out which tapes will work best for your specific application surface.

Double-sided abatement tape allows for a one and done solution – eliminating the need for an additional step with a second tape, saving time and money.

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