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5 Common Ways to Use Flagging Tape

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Building & Construction

Non-adhesive flagging tapes are used in a variety of industries as an easy, temporary color-coding and safety marking solution. Its ease of use, bright colors, and ability to resist fading makes it ideal for increasing visibility of hazards and landmarks across a range of applications.

Here are 5 of the most common uses for flagging tapes:

  1. Building and Construction: Contractors and construction workers use flagging tape to mark things such as sewers and drain lines, gas and oil lines, and electrical operations such as power lines and lighting cables. This makes it easy to recognize and locate potential hazards, reducing the risk of injury on the job site.
  2. Forestry: Flagging tape is used in forestry to mark trees and trails, including indicating trees to be logged, unhealthy or hazardous trees, and trail paths. The brightly colored tape makes it easy for loggers to know which trees to target and allows hikers to easily know which way a trail leads, adding an extra measure of safety.
  3. Surveying: Surveying is yet another job that relies on the help of flagging tape. In a surveying application, flagging tape is used to indicate property boundaries and landmarks that have been measured out by land surveyors. Being able to properly mark their findings would be nearly impossible without the help of flagging tape.
  4. Mining: One of the top concerns in the mining industry is safety and flagging tape is used to keep miners as safe as possible. It can be used to mark many different areas, including reference points and drilling holes to reduce the chance of an accident caused by lack of preparedness or communication of dangers present on the job site.
  5. Disasters and Emergencies: Flagging tape can be used in the event of emergencies and disasters to indicate patient status–critical condition, non-seriously injured, not injured, or deceased. This allows emergency responders to efficiently care for people based on the severity of their needs, especially in the event that a large number of people have been injured. Flagging tape can also be used to mark proposed evacuation routes or potable water locations – both vital in an emergency situation.

Whether you are a contractor or first responder in an emergency, flagging tape is a critical tool to have in your toolbox. To find a flagging tape for your application, visit Shurtape.com.

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