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Why is it important to use the right color of electrical tape?

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Electrical

Safety is always top of mind for electrical contractors and technicians who work with electrical wiring. That’s why it is so important to stay up to date on codes, proper application techniques, and the meanings of each color that is used in phasing applications.

In electrical phasing tasks, a variety of colors of electrical tape are used to represent different phases and voltage levels that different wires are charged with. Often times, technicians will some across a multitude of wires running through the same conduit, and without being labeled in some way, these wires can be difficult – or impossible – to tell apart. That’s why colored phasing tape is so important. It lets technicians know which wire is which and warns them of the voltage levels so that nothing comes as a surprise. Failing to use the correct colors could send the wrong signal and put the next technician who handles those wires at risk.

Ultimately, safety is the number one reason why it is critical to know and use the right colors of electrical tape for phasing tasks. It also reduces frustration and wasted time on the job caused by tracing “mystery” wires to the source to find out what they are.

Check out our infographic to learn what each color of electrical tape represents, and find a tape for your next job at Shurtape.com.

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