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How is floor marking tape used to promote safety?

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Building & Construction

Manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities rely on floor marking tape to promote workplace safety. In these types of job environments, working in close proximity to heavy machinery is a daily occurrence – and an injury could occur at any moment.

If you work in a manufacturing facility – or have ever taken a tour of one – you have likely seen tape on the floors all over the place, in different colors and striped patterns. Each color communicates a specific message to workers and people walking through as a safety precaution. For example, yellow is used to mark aisle ways and traffic lanes, indicating the safest path through the facility, while white and black striped floor marking tape is used to mark off areas that should be kept clear to leave room for equipment or operational functions. Other colors are used to mark raw material storage areas, scrap and defect bins, and hazardous areas like electrical boxes or chemical holding tanks.

Floor marking tape is often used in the types of industrial facilities where loud machinery is constantly running and earplugs are worn by workers, making it difficult to communicate by speaking while on the job. In these environments, floor marking tape draws employees’ attention and reminds them to move carefully as they navigate through the area.

If there are areas in your facility where injuries (or near-injuries) occur frequently, or if you have noticed a hazard that is not clearly marked, consider using a floor marking tape to add additional visibility to the area – and draw attention to a safe path around it.

For the greatest reliability, choose a floor marking tape that can be used in a wide range of temperatures, maintains its hold in moisture and humid conditions, and can withstand heavy foot traffic without flagging or tearing. Be sure your tape is meets OSHA requirements for color-coding, and if using it outdoors or in an indoor area that gets a lot of natural light, UV-resistance is another key characteristic to look for.

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