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An Introduction to Co-Extruded Duct Tape

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Building & Construction, Duct Tape, Tape Tips

Co-extrusion reduces the risk of delamination by permanently bonding the layers of the tape together at the source.

There isn’t just one type of duct tape – it comes in a variety of colors, lengths and widths. Even more significantly, duct tape can be constructed differently from the inside out by manufacturers.

There are two methods used to make duct tape – lamination and co-extrusion. Lamination used to be the only method used to make duct tape. However, in recent years, tape manufacturers have created innovative new technology that allows them to make duct tape through the process of co-extrusion.

What is co-extruded duct tape?

Co-extruded duct tape is made using a process that bonds the three layers of the tape – polyethylene backing, cloth and adhesive – together in a single, high-temperature step. This bonding method creates a permanent seal on the tape that is both airtight and waterproof. The seamless construction increases the tape’s strength and prevents delamination – a failure that can occur in laminated materials which causes the tape’s layers to separate when subjected to repeated stress or harsh environmental conditions. Co-extrusion reduces this risk altogether by permanently bonding the layers of the tape together at the source.

What are the differences?

It’s easy to spot the difference between co-extruded and laminated duct tapes by looking at the backing. While laminated tapes have a horizontal stripe on their backing, co-extruded tapes have a special dotted appearance that can be seen and felt.

Duct tapes that are co-extruded are thinner than their laminated counterparts and have a less conformable backing. Despite this thinner backing, co-extruded duct tapes are stronger and more ideal for use on even surfaces, with less risk of failure caused by aging or environmental conditions. One more distinction between the two comes in color options: laminated duct tapes come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but co-extruded duct tapes typically come in solid colors.

In short – if you’re looking for a duct tape with colored patterns, go with laminated. But if you’re looking for a duct tape that is stronger and less likely to fail over time, go with co-extruded duct tapes.

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