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What is the Purpose of Housewrap Tape?

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Building & Construction

Housewrap is crucial in creating an air barrier to stop uncontrolled air flow – helping to prevent interior damage, mold growth, and increased heating and cooling costs. Housewrap tape helps to seal all seams on housewrap applications including sheathing, insulation, and vapor barrier materials used in residential and commercial construction applications.

Housewrap tape is applied after the entire building has been wrapped. It is recommended that every seam – vertical and horizontal – be sealed with tape, ensuring that the tape is wide enough to sufficiently cover the seam. Smoothing the tape down with a squeegee (or by hand to apply the appropriate amount of pressure will cause the aggressive adhesive on the tape to form a permanent bond with the housewrap.

Housewrap tape is critical for creating a weather-resistant seal on the exterior of new constructions, so it is vital that the tape properly adheres to the housewrap material. The tape should have high shear and holding power to ensure that the tape will hold long-term. It should also have the ability to withstand a wide temperature ranges and humidity levels in order to prevent flagging or failing, and should be hand-tearable for easy application. UV-resistance is another critical characteristic that allows housewrap tapes to withstand sun exposure throughout the duration of the project.

Housewrap tape is a critical component to properly installed housewrap and allows it to function properly, reducing the risk to property owners of air leaking, moisture build-up, and increased heating and air costs caused by inadequate seals.

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