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What tapes are used in the stucco process?

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Building & Construction

There are two types of tapes that are predominately used in the stucco process: cloth and polyethylene (PE). Each offers its own set of benefits to the user, but the main purpose of both tapes is to protect surfaces from damaging plaster and water used in the stucco application process.

Some contractors have also started using a fiber mesh tape after the stucco has been hydrating for a couple of weeks to repair any cracks that may have appeared. This self-adhesive fiberglass mesh does not deteriorate over time, giving it a long life and making it a popular choice for minor stucco repairs.


For general stucco application and protection purposes, a cloth or PE stucco tape is what you will need. Find a stucco tape for your project at Shurtape.com.

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