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How do Commercial and Residential HVAC systems differ?

by | Jul 25, 2018 | HVAC Tape

HVAC businesses often specialize in either commercial or residential systems – or some may offer both. However, it is important for technicians to keep in mind the differences in the two types of systems and the best practices for working in either situation.

While they serve the same basic function, HVAC systems in commercial buildings require more powerful and robust heating and cooling capabilities to accommodate the larger spaces, unlike residential systems that are more compact. You might not be surprised to learn that the average size of newly constructed commercial buildings has increased by 18% and residential building size has increased by nearly 50% over the past several decades. As this growth continues, efficiency in HVAC systems will become even more important.

Commercial HVAC systems must be able to withstand more stress and higher demands than residential systems because they’re usually running all day and must accommodate fluctuations in temperatures throughout the building. They’re also at higher risk for inefficiency and energy loss due to the sheer size of the system. A commercial building has more linear feet of ductwork, which increases the amount of potential failure points – making using a reliable tape critical. In addition, commercial buildings must also meet high standards for efficiency, many of which require using UL listed tapes to seam and seal ductwork. These standards are more stringent in commercial buildings, but even when working with residential systems, responsible contractors should always install and repair with the same care, using UL listed tapes to ensure code compliance and system efficiency. Full system closure is key to ensuring HVAC system efficiency, and tape plays a critical role by forming permanent seals throughout the system to prevent air leaks that cause high energy costs.

Whether you’re working in a commercial or a residential building, using the right, UL listed HVAC tape is the key to meeting code and building a safe, efficient system.

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