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How to Choose the Right HVAC Tape for the Best Results

by | Jul 26, 2022 | HVAC Tape

UL listings help identify which HVAC tape is needed for every job.

HVAC tape is an essential component of any successful HVAC system. It’s vital to ensuring full system closure — the goal for all HVAC maintenance and installation jobs. But it’s not always clear which type of HVAC tape is best for the job, so here’s a quick guide on a few things to look out for.

UL listings

HVAC tape can easily be identified by the UL Mark. You can check for UL listings in two ways: if the tape is unopened, you can check the packaging, but if it’s opened you can usually find it on the film or core label.

There are two major UL listings to keep an eye out for, but both of them apply to different types of surfaces.

Rigid ducts

For rigid ducts, the standard UL 181A-P is used. In order to be classified as UL 181A-P, HVAC tapes must:

  1. Have a minimum width of at least 2.5 inches
  2. Be made of aluminum alloy foil or aluminum
  3. Include a release liner

Class 1 Flexible ducts

For Class 1 Flexible Ducts, UL 181B-FX is the industry standard. This tape certification should only be used on Class 1 Flexible ducts. To be certified, tape must:

  1. Be made of foil, film or cloth
  2. Have a maximum width of 1.88 inches

One final note

Make sure you choose the right tape when you begin the job. Using an improper standard of tape can lead to problems with the HVAC system, which can result in tape failure or worse, a code violation.

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