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What are the benefits of reflective insulation for HVAC ductwork?

by | Jan 3, 2018 | HVAC Tape

The popularity of reflective insulation is growing, and when you understand the benefits that it can have, it’s no wonder. Reflective insulation provides a barrier that reflects radiant heat given off by HVAC ducts back onto itself, allowing it to maintain its temperature and therefore the temperature of the air inside the system. This increases the efficiency of the system by allowing it to keep indoor spaces at the desired temperature for longer without using more energy.

A major benefit of reflective insulation is cost savings resulting from improved energy efficiency. Since the HVAC system is able to heat and cool spaces more quickly and maintain the proper temperature, homeowners and business owners typically report lower energy bills. Depending on the age and efficiency of the system prior to the installation of reflective insulation, cost savings can add up significantly.

The key to ensuring that reflective insulation does its job is correct installation with air gaps and using the right HVAC tape that can withstand unconditioned environments year-round.

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