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What is indoor air quality?

by | Sep 7, 2016 | HVAC Tape

Indoor air quality is the quality level of air inside a conditioned home or building. This relates to the health and well-being of the occupants, including comfort level.

Your indoor air quality can be compromised if the HVAC system gets contaminated by foreign matter, which includes water, dirt, pollen and other allergens, bacteria, airborne pathogens and even microbes.

Poor indoor air quality may have negative consequences to health in both the short and long term:

  • Short-term effects include: eye and throat irritation, allergies, asthma, fatigue, headaches and congestion.
  • Long-term effects include, but are not limited to: rhinitis and various respiratory diseases

With indoor air quality having such a potential impact on health and well-being, it’s important to take measures to decrease indoor air pollution and improve indoor air quality. For homeowners and business owners, this may include regular vacuuming, mopping and cleaning to ensure that chemicals, dust and other allergens are reduced. From an HVAC perspective, this also means checking to make sure an HVAC system has no leaks in order to prevent potential contaminants from entering the system in the first place.

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