Why do I need a UL listed tape for HVAC reflective insulation?

by | Sep 27, 2017 | HVAC Tape

In any job that involves HVAC work, including the installation and maintenance of reflective insulation, using tapes that are UL listed is critical. Why is having a UL listing so important? A UL listing:

    • Ensures that the tape has been rigorously tested for adhesion and resistance to thermal cycles, preventing tape failure
    • Prevents inspection failure due to using a tape that does not meet code
    • Indicates that the tape helps achieve full system closure when properly applied to ensure the effectiveness of your reflective insulation

Full system closure is critical to ensuring that your reflective insulation does its job – reducing energy needed to heat and cool spaces. Tapes that are UL listed have been tested for high performance and air leak prevention when used on reflective insulation and for other HVAC components.

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