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Why would I want a tape with a writable backing?

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Industrial / MRO Tape, Best Practices

A tape with writable backing means that you can easily write on the tape – without smudging, blurring, or fading. This is convenient for countless applications in numerous industries, but here are a few examples of why you would want a tape with writable backing:

Gaffer’s, duct, and masking tapes are a few of the most common tapes that might have a writable backing. Because these tapes are built for different purposes and have varying holding powers, they can each come in handy for different labeling purposes.

Gaffer’s tape is designed for use in temporary applications and can be removed without leaving adhesive residue behind, making it ideal for labeling different cords and wires or to label temporary floor directions – especially in the arts and entertainment industries. It can also be used to label containers, audio channels on a sound board, or equipment.

Masking tape is probably the type of tape that is used most often for labeling by writing on the backing. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including organizing, coding, and marking. Most masking tapes are made with a writable paper backing that is easily torn by hand, making labeling quick and easy. Because it is available in a wide variety of colors, it is great for labeling moving boxes and marking them with messages such as “fragile” or “handle with care”. In school settings, teachers use masking tape to label children’s desks, cubbies or lockers, and other items around the classroom. Since paint masking tapes remove cleanly, teachers can also use it on walls, floors, whiteboards of their classrooms. Parents also use it to label their children’s school supplies, bookbags, and lunches.

Most general-purpose duct tapes can be written on to leave warning messages such as “do not remove” or “caution” for safety and information on rugged construction sites, when flagging or barricade tapes are not available. It also can be used to label moving boxes or equipment for a longer hold on surfaces that need a stronger adhesive.

You may be surprised by how handy it can be to have a tape on hand that is writable! Looking for writeable tape for your application? Browse cloth and duct tapes or paper tapes at Shurtape.com.

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