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How is colored masking tape used in schools?

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Masking, Application

It’s that time again – the summer is coming to an end and schools are getting ready to start back in session. Back-to-school shopping is in full swing, and many teachers are prepping their classrooms for the upcoming arrival of students.

Colored masking tape is a versatile tool that is popular for use in classrooms because it is available in a wide variety of fun colors and can be used temporarily. This is especially critical for teachers in shared classrooms or who want to use it for a one-time use, such as an activity related to a particular day’s lesson.

We took our question to elementary school teachers and came up with a list of ways they use masking tape in their classrooms:


One of the most common usages that we hear about is using colored masking tape for labeling items in the classroom, including:

  • Desks: to help students to find their seats on the first day of school
  • Pencils and other writing utensils: using different colored tape to indicate where to return borrowed writing utensils, such as a communal pencil box marked with the same colored tape
  • Books: for writing students’ names on them without writing in or on the book itself. This comes in handy for books that are assigned and reused each year.
  • Cubbies: the faster, easier, and cheaper alternative to a label maker (and easier to remove next year!)
  • Classroom stations: want to create a designated reading corner? Label it with masking tape. Have a table meant just for art projects? Label it with masking tape. (yes, there is a theme here)

Hanging Work

A classroom of students produces a lot of work throughout a school year that they should be proud of – but there is only so much space on a bulletin board to hang art projects and A+ quizzes. Masking tape is a great tool to have on hand to hang up students’ work temporarily, with easy removal for rotating out new items. Look for a low to medium-adhesion masking tape to ensure that it will remove cleanly without tearing the paper or other material it is being used to hang up.

Arts and Crafts

Speaking of art projects…colored masking tape is an inexpensive, no-mess alternative to glue sticks in paper craft projects and is generally easy enough for small hands to tear. It can be used to decorate scrapbooks and add color to just about any project.

Games and Activities

Masking tape can serve as temporary floor marking tape for games and activities to mark starting lines, indicate boundaries, and create directional arrows. It can also be a good tool to use in educational activities to teach geometry, patterns, and other visual concepts.

Other uses for masking tape in schools include repairing tears in book covers and decorating classroom walls and bulletin boards.

Have another way you use masking tape in the classroom? We’d love to hear from you! Find colored masking tapes for this school year at Shurtape.com.

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