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3 Tips for Choosing a Case Sealing Solution that will Enhance Your Customer Experience

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Packaging Tape

Online shopping is on the rise, as consumers from across the globe are relying more and more upon eCommerce platforms and web stores to purchase everything from pet supplies to home furnishings.

As a result, manufacturers and retailers are increasingly enlisting the help of direct fulfillment centers (DFCs) to move their goods from the production floor to customers’ doorsteps as expeditiously – and securely – as possible. Because a package on your customer’s doorstep is the brick-and-mortar brand experience of the past — it’s the first impression of your business and it’s critical that it’s a positive one. The question is, are you ready to ramp up to meet the growing demand?

As a DFC, your reputation is only as good as the reliability of each and every case seal that goes out the door. In fact, a report from DHL revealed that 50% of online shoppers will not consider reordering from an e-tailer if they receive a damaged product. And if those customers are taking their business elsewhere due to negative experiences, it won’t take long for your clients to do the same. Don’t let packaging tape failures be the cause of a poor customer experience and lost business.

One way to safely navigate customer satisfaction is to find a case sealing partner that’s as attuned to the demanding nature of the single parcel supply chain and expectations of the end consumer. From recommendations on tape types and application methodologies to supplying and servicing packaging equipment, the right case seal solution will not only ensure that your packaging line is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, but that packages will reach their destinations sealed and intact.

Most DFCs operate in beta mode to some extent – you’re always on the lookout for ways to increase efficiencies, which translate to better profit margins. Upgrading your package sealing solutions is one key way to do that. Here are the qualities to look for as you evaluate case sealing partners:

#1 Dependability and Consistency

High on the list is an assurance that packages will reach their final destinations intact. That means you’ll need a case sealing solution that’s capable of preparing packages to endure the rigorous journey of conveyor belts, un-unitized shipment, freight transfer hubs and human intervention that they’ll encounter along the way. As you know, a failed seal is anything but a small issue – unsecured cartons can lead to lost or damaged products, open returns, pricey chargebacks and, ultimately, a negative overall experience for the customer.

#2 Experience and Expertise

No two sealing situations are identical, so be wary of any solutions offering a single approach to meet your needs. Instead, look for a partner that’s well-versed in the complex world of packaging tape types, tape applicators, automated systems and any shipping requirements that might pertain to the products you are moving. It’s also critical to find a partner who has the expertise to train your staff in preventative maintenance best practices to be sure interruptions in operation are held to a minimum. In many cases, this hard-earned knowledge – which has been acquired over years of experience as a packaging solutions provider – will give credence to any recommendations that they may offer.

#3 Brand-Awareness and Innovation

When customers receive and open their packages, you can safely bet that their focus is on the product inside and the business from which the product was purchased. With the right case sealing partner at your side, you’ll be well positioned to offer exciting new ways to leave a lasting impression with your customers. Branded packaging tape, for example, can transform the carton seal into an opportunity to engage with the customer and, ultimately, reinforce your brand while making sure the order arrives safely.

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