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How does method of tape application influence tape selection?

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Application, Packaging Tape, Packaging Tapes

In an industrial setting, there are two ways to apply packaging tape: in a manual process using a hand-held tape dispenser or in an automated process using an automatic case sealer.

The tape you choose depends on the method you use.

In a manual process, features such as easy unwind, good tack for initial grab to the corrugated surface and strong film backing to prevent stretching and breaking are all critical. Quiet tapes are also a plus for those working in close proximity to others.

For applications involving shingling or stacking several strips to create a seal, tapes offering good adhesion to backing may fit the bill.

For automated operations, focus on easy unwind to reduce tape breakage due to stretching and tearing during application. Tapes offering instant adhesion are also beneficial to environments that require immediate palletization of cartons.

And, if you’re sealing overfilled cartons, where major flaps are under a constant state of stress from the contents within the carton, look for a tape with excellent holding power. While you’re at it…don’t forget your distribution network. External stress factors, such as lifting, sliding, forklifts and general stress applied during storage and transit, can result in seal failure without the right tape in place. Look for durable options that offer high shear strength, which will help prevent the tape from flagging, or releasing its bond to the surface when stress is applied.


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