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How should packaging tape be stored?

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Packaging Tape

A roll of tape is susceptible to damage before it even gets to the packaging line. The proper storage of packaging tape can make the difference between a strong carton seal and tape failure that leads to downtime and costly reworks.

Automated packaging lines use large, 1,000-2,000-yard rolls of tape. Due to the weight of these rolls, it is best to store them laying flat on their sides – just like they are packaged – in order to prevent misshaping. Avoid standing the rolls upright; this can cause them to lose their roundness and develop a flat side, which can cause problems with unwind and even cause the tape to break in high-speed automated case sealing applications.

Hand rolls, which are typically 55-220 yard rolls, are best stored in its plastic packaging until ready for use and kept in a cool, dry area between 40 and 80 degrees F, with ideal conditions of 40-50% relative humidity. If you must store tape in an environment that is lower than 40 degrees F, it is important to choose a packaging tape that is formulated to withstand the cold without the adhesive becoming brittle. Packaging tape should also be kept away from direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to heat greater than 110 degrees F.

Tape manufacturers typically warranty products for 12 months provided it has been properly stored. For best results, always use the first in, first out method to use tape before it reaches its “expiration” date.

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