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Is thicker packaging tape always better?

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Packaging Tape

Choosing and using tape is our specialty here at Tape University® – and dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding tape so that you can do your job better is the goal of every article we write.

One of the most common misconceptions that we hear in the packaging industry is the assumption that thicker tapes are always the better choice. With so many options out in the market, choosing a packaging tape for your case sealing operation can be a challenge – and making a poor or uniformed choice can attribute to a number of hidden costs. A tape’s thickness does correspond with its grade, but does a thicker tape always equal a better carton seal?

Not necessarily.

“Rightsizing” is a term used to describe the process of evaluating your packaging operation and selecting the right tape grade for your application. For the best results, and to minimize waste, it is important to choose a tape that is an appropriate grade for the job at hand.

Variables like carton size, weight, and your case sealing environment should be considered when choosing a grade of tape – and as any of these factors increases, so should your tape grade (and therefore, thickness).

Thicker packaging tapes are typically called for use in heavy-duty carton sealing applications, such as sealing particularly heavy or large cartons, or taping to a difficult-to-stick-to material. They are also often good choices for more troublesome sealing environments, such as unconditioned spaces or refrigerated processing plants. Because thicker tapes are higher grades, they typically hold up better against extreme temperatures than thinner tapes.

For lighter-duty carton sealing and applications, having a thinner tape of good quality may be an economical choice, as it will still perform well and allow the carton to reach its destination safely, without the extra cost that would be incurred by using a thicker, more expensive tape.

The key is to understand the rigors of your carton sealing operation and the stresses of the supply chain your cartons will be going through when choosing a packaging tape for your needs. While a thicker tape may appear to be the better choice, the costs of paying for that product when a thinner tape would suffice add up quickly. Each tape grade has an application in which it is the best tool for the job – and thicker is not always better.

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