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Should I consider what I’m sealing when choosing packaging tape?

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Application, Packaging Tape, Packaging Tapes

The short answer…yes. Always consider what you are sealing when picking packaging tape.

There are many carton types available, from the “everyday” corrugated carton to ecycled, thick, or double wall, printed or waxed options. No two cartons are the same as each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to tape performance.

For example, recycled cartons are becoming more prevalent in the industry as consumers become more environmentally conscious and recovery rates of materials that can be recycled increase. But they may require a specialized packaging tape or improved sealing method because smaller, “re-used” fibers and added fillers can make it difficult for packaging tape to stick.

When it comes to thick, or double walled, cartons, it’s critical to consider a tape with high holding power, such as a hot melt tape. Holding power is the tape’s ability to resist slippage, which impacts the tape’s ability to stick to the sides of the carton and hold the major flaps down. That’s because the major flaps on these cartons have more memory, which transfers stress to the tape once the carton is sealed. Without the proper holding power, the tape may flag or pop off the sides of the carton.

Coatings like ink and wax may serve as a barrier that prevents the adhesive from penetrating the top sheet of the corrugated carton. Here, you’ll want to consider a tape with lower viscosity adhesive, such as an acrylic tape, to allow it to wet out and potentially flow through the wax or printed layer.

In all situations, the application method can play a major factor in how well as tape performs. The more wipe-down, the better the performance.


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