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Does tape tab length matter?

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Packaging Tape

In both automated and manual carton sealing applications ensuring a reliable case seal, while also limiting tape waste can be a balancing act. One way to achieve both is to determine and apply the proper tape tab length.

When we say, “tab length,” we are referring to the length of tape that folds over the edges and adheres to the sides of a carton. This section of tape is critical for ensuring that a carton remains sealed throughout its journey through the supply chain – but it can also be a pesky source of tape waste.
Tabs that are too short can lead to carton seal failures, putting contents at risk of pilferage or damage, and tabs that are too long generate tape waste – the costs of which can quickly add up. A good rule of thumb is to apply 2-3 inch tabs on each side of a carton to ensure a secure hold but cut back on unnecessary tape use.

Automated carton sealers commonly allow for tape tab length adjustment so you can be sure to have the ideal tab length with each carton seal. Correct tension settings are also an important element and critical for consistent tab length control with automated applicators. Manual case sealing applications can be trickier when striving to achieve the right tape tab lengths. Training employees to follow best practices for packaging tape application is a good starting point, and you may want to consider using hand dispensers that provide visible tape tab length indicators to help mark when to cut the end of the tape from the roll while sealing by hand.

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