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What are the hidden costs of packaging tape?

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Packaging Tape

In manufacturing and large-scale automated packaging operations, packaging tape costs more than the price per roll – in fact, there are many hidden costs that are often overlooked. Have any of these costs been hiding in your packaging line?

Hidden Costs of Packaging Tape

  • Productivity/OEE: Slow tape roll changeover, tape not running down to the core, and reworks caused by broken or uncut tape can all have a negative impact on operational efficiency and productivity through frequent stopping of the production line to fix issues.
  • Scrap/Waste/Environmental Impact: When packaging tape doesn’t run down to the core, the stub rolls leftover can pile up quickly, resulting in huge amounts of wasted money, and more material thrown in the garbage.
  • Worker safety: Using a knife or other sharp object to open a carton puts employees at risk of injury, and even small cuts can cost employers as much as $40,000!* Choosing a tape or tape application method that creates seals that can be opened by hand without the use of a knife reduces the risk of incurring costs associated with lacerations.
  • Downtime/Rework Labor: Slow tape roll changeover and stopping the packaging line to rework an issue such as broken tape, uncut tape, or tape not sticking leads to costly production downtime.
  • Customer Perception: Tape not sticking – or not maintaining its hold for the duration of the supply chain – has a major impact on how the end receiver of your product perceives your brand. Unsecure seals can cause product damage or missing product, leading to customer complaints, returns, and damage to your reputation.
  • Content Security: Tape not sticking is an obvious threat to content security – as products could easily become subject to pilferage or damage as someone can easily slip a hand underneath the seal with little evidence that the carton has been tampered with.

Do any of these issues sound familiar? Learn how you can reduce the hidden costs of packaging tape by choosing the right tape for your packaging operation at ShurSEALSecure.com.

*Source: https://shursealsecure.com/knives-cutting-profits/

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