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What are the key issues manufacturers face with carton sealing?

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Packaging Tape

Reacting to production slow-downs and unexpected issues is all in a day’s work for manufacturers and distributors that operate packaging lines. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to anticipate some of the issues and prepare for them? That’s why we are sharing three common problems that occur on packaging lines. Each of these can be avoided, but being unarmed with a solution can result in costly negative consequences:

1. Production malfunctions including tape not sticking to cartons, broken tape, and uncut tape. These issues often cause downtime in production as the situation is assessed and resolved, as well as material waste and increases in costs of labor and additional tape needed to reseal cartons that were not adequately sealed the first time through.

2. Unsecure seals caused by improper tape application or not using the right type of tape for the job can result in cartons opening during storage or transit. This puts the product inside at risk of damage and contamination, in addition to theft as weak seals make it easy for pilferers to slip a hand in and remove items unnoticed.

3. Product damage due to sharp objects like knives and blades is an issue that is often overlooked because it occurs at the receipt of the carton rather than during packaging or shipping. However, nicks and cuts often deem products unsaleable, adding up to heavy manufacturer losses.

All of these issues can wreak havoc on your production line and your profits, but they are all preventable with the right type of tape and the proper application. To learn about a solution that prevents the occurrence of these issues, visit ShurSEALsecure.com.

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