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What causes tape waste? Are stub rolls normal?

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Packaging Tape

Manufacturers tend to accept tape waste as a status quo in the industry – and as a result, the issue often goes unaddressed. However, when tape is not “Good to the Core,” or usable all the way down to the cardboard core, it creates unnecessary waste that adds up in the form of stub rolls. These are typically thrown in the trash or used to manually rework cartons where the seal has failed. Yet, despite the good intentions, some stub rolls are so large that they cannot fit on a hand dispenser and end up being thrown away.

In addition to using a tape that is not Good to the Core, tape waste can be attributed to several issues on the packaging line:

  • Mechanical Failures: Broken or excessively stretched tape can often be attributed to high unwind force, poor winding, and misadjusted tension settings on the tape applicator
  • Operator Convenience: The operator switches the roll prematurely, trying to be proactive, yet leading to stub rolls that tend to go unused
  • Improper Application: Failure to deliver adequate wipe-down pressure as packaging tape is applied can lead to inadequate carton seals, causing downtime as the cases are reworked and additional waste as multiple strips of tape are often used to compensate for poor wipe-down.

Choosing a packaging tape that runs Good to the Core and practicing proper carton application to are key to reducing waste and keeping your packaging line up to speed. Want to learn more about optimizing your packaging line? Visit ShurSEALsecure.com.

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