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What does grade mean in packaging tape?

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Packaging Tape, Application, Packaging Tapes

In packaging tape, grade refers to the construction of the tape. Grades are made of varying levels of film and adhesive thickness. These grades deliver a range of different holding powers and tensile strengths.

For lower tape grades, thinner backings and smaller amounts of adhesive are used. These often deliver a lower – but sufficient – holding power and tensile strength, making them ideal for lightweight carton sealing applications.

Higher grades of tape are typically constructed with thicker, more durable backings and larger amounts of adhesive, which allow them to handle heavy duty and high security jobs.

When considering what grade of tape to purchase, be sure to factor in carton size, content weight, and the production and shipping environment in which the tape is being used. As any of these variables increases, so too should the grade of tape you choose.


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