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What does it mean for packaging tape to be “Good to the Core?”

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Packaging Tape

When packaging pros refer to a roll of tape as being “Good to the Core,” they are referring to the ability to utilize every linear inch of tape from the roll, all the way down to the corrugate core.

Why does it matter if there is tape left at the end of a roll?

While it may not always be a priority for the types of tape we use at home, Good-to-the-Core tape is essential for manufacturers to use on their packaging lines because it prevents costly waste and downtime. In industrial facilities, when Good-to-the-Core tapes are not utilized, it is common place to see 10-20% tape wasted by being left on the core. It’s easy to spot, just check for “stub rolls” lying around your automated case sealing lines.

Every inch of tape that is thrown away at the end of the roll adds up to lost dollars on the bottom line. It also means that tape rolls need to be changed more frequently, causing downtime that forces operators to stop the production line. In these situations, where every second counts, saving time – and tape – is key.

Protect your packaging line by choosing a packaging tape and case sealing solution that is Good to the Core.

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