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Can I use blue painter’s tape outside?

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Paint & Masking

Blue painter’s tape can be used outdoors, but you might need a specific type.

Most people know that painter’s tape is the best way to ensure smooth, clean paint lines for your paint projects. If you’ve ever painted indoors, or hired a professional to do so, you’ve almost certainly seen the familiar blue painter’s tape. But painter’s tape isn’t just used for indoor projects — you can use it for outdoor projects, too! However, you’ll need to be careful when doing so, and there’s a special type of painter’s tape specifically designed for outdoor use.

Clean removal

The main thing to think about when applying tape outdoors is clean removal time. The reason that any tape is able to adhere to surfaces is because of its adhesive. While some tapes have a very aggressive adhesive for a more permanent bond, painter’s tapes have a less aggressive adhesive so tape can be removed easily and cleanly within a specified time window. Depending on the type of tape you have, this can be anywhere from three days to 60 days.

In a typical indoor environment, blue painter’s tape will be able to last the advertised period. However, applying it outdoors can affect the performance. This is because of the sun’s powerful UV rays, which break down the adhesive binding the tape to the surface. If enough damage is caused, the tape won’t be able to be cleanly removed.

UV-Resistant tapes

If you plan to use painter’s tape outdoors for an extended period of time, choose a UV-resistant blue painter’s tape. This type of tape is specifically designed to withstand sunlight, allowing it to stay up for a longer period of time.

Make sure you choose the right painter’s tape for the job ahead of time to prevent ruining the paint that you’ve worked to apply.

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