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Choosing the right Painter’s Tape for the Surface

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Paint & Masking, ShurPRO, Tape-Related Skills

The surfaces being masked or painted are a major consideration when selecting the right type of painter’s tape for a job. Different tapes are constructed with different levels of adhesion. The object is to choose one that is strong enough to adhere to the surface you will be applying it to, without being so strong that it damages the surface or leaves behind residue when removed.

Surfaces such as brick, metal or wood require medium to high adhesion, most often found in professional grade masking tapes and multi-surface painting tapes.

Masking windows and other glass surfaces is most effective with UV resistant tapes including multi-surface painting tapes and premium painting tapes.

For delicate surfaces including freshly painted walls, wallpaper and veneer, a light-adhesion delicate surface painter’s tape will remove cleanly without damage.

When selecting a painter’s tape for your next project, take into consideration the application surface in order to ensure a reliable hold and clean, damage-free removal.

Matching the right tape to the surface will save you time on the job and ensure top quality results.

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