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How to Make Drilling Projects Easier with Painter’s Tape

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Paint & Masking

Painter’s tape can be useful for a variety of drilling projects.

Drilling can be a challenge. When drilling through wood, there’s always the risk of splinters, and improperly aligned wall screws can lead to a lawsuit or an angry landlord. Thankfully, painter’s tape can make all sorts of drilling projects easier. They both have unique uses, so here are a few ways that they can help:

Avoiding splinters

If you need to drill a hole through wood, you might be concerned that the wood can splinter – but this can be prevented with just a bit of painter’s tape. The reason you’ll want to use painter’s tape for this project is that it won’t leave an adhesive residue on the wood surface.

First, lay a strip of painter’s tape on the wood surface. After marking where you are going to drill, drill through the tape and into the wood. Make sure the drill is centered and that you are holding the drill steady. After you’re done, simply remove the tape.

As an added bonus, you can also use painter’s tape to judge how deep of a hole you are drilling. First, cut a piece of painter’s tape several inches long. Then, place the tape on your drill bit at the depth you are planning to drill to. Once you reach the tape, you know when to stop drilling.

Wall mounting

For wall mounting projects, tape can help ensure you align your screws correctly. First, apply a strip of tape to the back of the item you want to mount. You can use either painter’s tape or masking tape for this. Painter’s tape will not leave any adhesive residue, but neither type will strip the paint from your walls.

Next, square up the item with the wall. Once you have a good location determined, poke a hole in the tape where the mounting hole(s) are. Now, remove the tape from your item and place the tape on the wall. Drill in your screws and then remove the tape and you’re ready to mount your item!

Whether you are doing DIY projects or professional painting projects, you can find all of your painter’s tape needs at shurtape.com.

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