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How do I protect the walls when painting?

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Paint & Masking

Protecting surfaces during a paint project can be accomplished by masking them off. It is vital to take your time during this process, to ensure that all your masked-off areas are leak-free. Read on to learn how to protect various surfaces during your next paint project:

To protect your walls, stick one end of the 2-inch painter’s tape to the wall, carefully pull about 10 feet of tape from the roll and tear it. In order to insure that the tape doesn’t stick to itself, it is important to tack the end to the wall, and press the top of the tape into the corner where the two surfaces (ceiling and wall) meet. Unfold your plastic paint tarp, and slip the top edge of the plastic under the loose flap of tape. Make sure the tape has adhered to the plastic, and continue this process for the rest of the wall.

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