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How does surface impact the type of painter’s tape used?

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Building & Construction, Paint & Masking

The surface that you are painting on should be a major consideration when selecting the type of painter’s tape. Different tapes are constructed with different levels of adhesion, making it important to choose one that is strong enough to hold up on the surface you will be applying it to, without being so strong that it causes damage or leaves behind residue on removal.

Will your tape need to adhere to brick, metal, or wood? You may want a medium to high-adhesion tape. Will you be masking off windows or other glass surfaces? Try to find a clean removal tape that is designed for glass application. Do you need to mask off a freshly painted wall or a fragile surface? A delicate surface painter’s tape will remove cleanly without damage.

When selecting a painter’s tape for your next project, take into consideration the application surface in order to ensure a reliable hold and clean, damage-free removal.

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