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Picking the Right Tape for the Job

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Paint & Masking, ShurPRO, Tape-Related Skills

Even the most experienced pros can save time and money with the proper selection and application of tape. While there are plenty of specialty tapes available for unusual surfaces or situations, the vast majority of painting jobs use these six categories of tape – choosing the right one for the application will make your job easier and ensure great results.
bundling cable with tape
General Purpose Masking Tapes
  • Great for jobs like labeling, bundling, color coding and masking plastic, but not recommended for painting
  • Includes standard beige and colored masking tapes
product image

CP 105

colored masking tapes

CP 631

shurtape orange tape roll
Professional Grade Masking Tapes
  • The basic tool for masking surfaces, taping protective floor coverings, spraying applications and new construction projects—but not when clean lines and detail work are important
  • Not for use on surfaces on which the tape will be exposed to long durations of sunlight, like windows
product image

CF 66

product image

CP 199

applying blue painter's tape
Multi-Surface Painter’s Tapes
  • Products that can be used on multiple surfaces including cured painted walls, trim, glass, wood and metal
  • These tapes deliver clean paint lines
  • Medium adhesion while preventing paint bleed for professional results
  • 8-14 day clean removal
painter's mate product image

Painter’s Mate Green®
CP 199

painter's mate product image

Painter’s Mate Ultra®
CP 199

product image

CP 27

painter's tape removal
Premium Edge-Treated Painter’s Tapes
  • Specifically designed with PaintBlock® Technology to stop paint from bleeding under the edge and ensure sharp paint lines on both regular and delicate surfaces
  • 14-60 day clean removal
frogtape product image

Frogtape® Pro Grade

frogtape product image

Frogtape® MultiSurface

frogtape product image

Frogtape® Delicate Surface

removing containment barrier
Specialty Tapes
  • Solutions designed for application- specific demands on the jobsite
  • Includes tape for hanging plastic, adhering to hard-to-stick-to surfaces and more
painter's mate product image

Painter’s Mate® Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Tape

shurtape stucco poly tape product image

PE 444

shurtape stucco duct tape product image

PC 667

t-rex tape on hose
Heavy Duty Duct & Repair Tapes
  • Durable tapes with high strength and adhesion that are ideal for masking extremely rough surfaces like brick, concrete, wood and vinyl
  • Use as quick fix for jobsite mishaps like temporarily repairing a cracked bucket or wet/dry vac, securing a broken tool handle or patching a hole in a work boot

T-Rex® Tape

trex clear

T-Rex® Clear
Repair Tape

trex tread

T-Rex® Extreme
Tread Tape


T-Rex® Waterproof Tape