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What is a delicate surface, and what tape should be used on them?

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Paint & Masking, Tape Tips

Delicate surface painter’s tapes are designed for jobs that demand an extra-gentle tape for use on application surfaces that are delicate and easily damaged.

Whether you are a DIY’er or professional painter on the job, painter’s tape is one of the most essential things for anyone’s toolbox. Specially designed for clean removal, painter’s tape helps you achieve smooth, clean paint lines.

But there isn’t just one type of painter’s tape. There are several types, including one in particular: delicate surfaces painter’s tape. So what is this tape for, and why do you need a different variety for delicate surfaces?

Why delicate surface tape?

It all boils down to the adhesive strength. If tape is too strong for a surface, it can damage it upon removal. Ordinary painter’s tape is already designed with medium-adhesion to prevent damage to surfaces, but even this can be too strong for delicate surfaces.

For these types of surfaces, you should consider a low-adhesion tape. These readily available tapes are labeled to indicate they are designed for safe use on delicate surfaces. They are specially designed to be able to be removed from delicate surfaces without causing damage.

What surfaces are delicate?

Delicate surfaces are any surface that is more susceptible to damage than standard painted drywall. These types of surfaces might include, but aren’t limited to, wallpaper, flooring, surfaces that are freshly-painted and delicate trim.

In general, it’s a good idea to have delicate surface tape on hand for the job just in case. If you’re concerned about damage to a surface, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In a professional environment in particular, damage to surfaces can lead to dissatisfied customers and costly repairs.

To learn more and find a delicate surface painter’s tape for your toolbox, visit Shurtape.com.


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