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What problems do low/no VOC paints cause for painter’s tape?

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Building & Construction, Paint & Masking

Many new paints are being designed with lower or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to traditional paints due to a growing demand for non-toxic paint products. While this may be a good thing, DIY painters and contractors have encountered a challenge with low and zero VOC paints: tape not sticking.
Most painter’s tapes were designed with traditional VOC-containing paints in mind; that is, they are not engineered to hold well on paints that do not contain the same chemical components found in most. These molecular changes can impact the performance of standard painter’s tape, making it difficult to achieve the same, high quality results you expect.

Fortunately, some tape manufacturers have combated this problem by creating tapes that are formulated to deliver exceptional performance on jobs where low or zero-VOC paints have been used. Like all painter’s tapes, these are offered with clean removal, easy unwind, conformability, and all other features that you should look for in a painter’s tape.

To learn more about tapes for low-VOC paints, visit Shurtape.com.

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