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Why don’t all masking tapes remove cleanly?

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Paint & Masking

Masking tape is used for many different jobs – painting, color coding or labeling, bundling, or temporary repairs – and each job demands different performance characteristics from the tape to successfully accomplish its task.

While paint masking tape almost always offers clean removal, when it comes to the entire “masking tape” category, that is not always the case. One might need a tape that provides sharp edges when painting and removes cleanly while another might need a masking tape that has a stronger, more long-lasting hold. General-purpose masking tapes are used for countless different kinds of projects, each with its own demands required of the tape.

General-purpose masking tape is made with the intent of just that: general use. This often means that it is built for medium- to high-adhesion, giving it slightly more aggressive adhesion than a painters masking tape would have. Because of the stronger hold, there is a greater chance of leaving adhesive residue or surface damage behind when removed. On the other hand, paint masking tapes are made for a short-term bond that removes cleanly without residue or damage when the project is finished.

The key factor between each type of masking tape is the adhesive. The adhesives used on each type are formulated with a specific application in mind. Before beginning your next project, make sure you get the right masking tape that fits your needs!

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