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How do I remove stucco tape?

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Building & Construction, Stucco

Stucco tape can be removed in much the same way as a painter’s tape after painting a room. To remove tape that was used to mask off a window, start by gently pulling up a corner of the tape and gradually pulling the tape – and your poly sheeting if you used it – so that it comes off straight and does not shred.

If you are removing a straight line of tape, start at the top and pull the tape backwards at a 45 degree angle and slowly pull it off. If any stucco composite is stuck to the tape and preventing it from pulling off, use the edge of a trowel or other flat tool along the long side of the tape to separate any dried or wet stucco from the edge of the tape before pulling on it.

For best results, remove stucco tape when you are completely finished applying the last coat of stucco, but before the composite is completely dry in order to avoid time-consuming touch-ups.

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