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How is tape used in stucco work?

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Stucco

You may not be aware that tape is an important tool used in exterior stucco application. Applying stucco involves carefully spreading plaster across an exterior surface with a metal trowel, almost like wide painter’s strokes. Just like with painting, it is important to mask off edges of surfaces that you want to avoid contact with.

Stucco composite can damage windows and frames if it accidentally comes in contact with it during the application process, so contractors make sure to mask them off using a tape that is specifically designed to keep a strong hold against plaster and stay strong through intense sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. It is also important for the tape to be able to hold up heavy plastic sheeting that is used to keep windows and other surfaces clean and protected while stucco is being applied. Additionally, tape is used to create a watertight seal to protect surfaces not meant to get wet, as one of the steps in stucco application involves applying a light spray of water over the stucco surface to help it set.


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