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What does stucco tape failure look like?

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Stucco

In stucco applications, tape failure can take a few different forms. The most common is adhesive residue.

Residue occurs when the stucco tape’s adhesive coating begins to transfer to the window, door frame, or other surface that it is adhered to because of environmental changes, like fluctuations in temperature or sunlight exposure. If residue occurs, the contractor may have to re-do part of the stucco application all over again, costing valuable time.

Another form of stucco tape failure is when the tape begins to fall off the window or door frame. This happens primarily when the tape expands during the cooler nighttime temperatures and then contracts in the heat of the day, causing it to pull away from the surface that it is adhered to.

Lastly, stucco tape failure can occur when the backing is not strong enough to withstand coming in contact with tough materials during the stucco application process. Throughout the process, tape comes in contact with metal trowels, wire lathe, and water. The trowel used to apply stucco composite is very rough and abrasive on the backing of the tape, sometimes resulting in failure, and the wire lathe is also rough enough to tear the backing of the tape apart if it is not built strong enough to prevent shredding. Finally, water can weaken a tape’s backing and make maintaining adhesion a challenge.

When choosing a stucco tape, it is important to understand the conditions that it will be exposed to in your specific project.

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