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What’s the difference between a two-step and three step stucco application method?

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Building & Construction, Stucco

Depending on the parameters of the project, stucco application can involve either two or three steps.

Two-step stucco application involves a scratch coat, which is applied with a trowel and creates a rough layer of stucco that the second coat, the brown coat, can bond to. The brown coat is smoother and creates a more appealing surface texture than the scratch coat alone.

The three-step stucco application method begins with the scratch and brown coats, but adds an additional coat for color. The color coat allows customers to choose a color other than the basic natural stucco color.

How does the application method affect tape? The main difference between the two methods is the duration of the project. A three-step job could take up to 30 days to complete, meaning that the tape would be exposed to the elements and fluctuating temperatures for much longer than it would be for a two-step job, which might last closer to 14 days. It would be more difficult for a tape used in a three-step job to retain its clean removal properties due to the duration of the job, so it is important to consider the stucco method being used when selecting a tape.

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