What are the consequences of using the wrong HVAC tape?

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Foil & Film Tapes, HVAC Tape

Duct tape, foil tape, masking tape…not all tapes are created equal! Having the right tape for your HVAC job is crucial to ensure a successful and safe project.

So what are the consequences of using the wrong tape for your HVAC project?

  • The system becomes susceptible to air leaks and failure
  • The system fails the inspection
  • Indoor air quality becomes a concern due to contaminants
  • The system’s lifespan is shortened
  • High electric bills
  • Call-backs to fix issues
  • Damage to your reputation as a contractor
  • Loss of business and tax incentives

Taking the time to do your research before choosing a tape will save you time and money in the long run.

Find a tape for your HVAC application at Shurtape.com, and check out our infographic to learn more about full system closure.



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Glenn Walter

About The Author

As a Regional Sales Manager for Shurtape Technologies, LLC, Glenn Walter manages the sales force for half the country in the HVAC and Electrical markets. As a product manager for over four years previous to his current role, Glenn was responsible for leading the product development and marketing support for the Building and Construction Tapes category. Glenn started working with Shurtape in 2012. Before that, he owned construction and framing companies with his brothers. The years he spent on the jobsite helped him create a pretty good foundation in the building and construction fields – so he's been there, done that. It gives him a unique perspective when it comes to tape. Glenn is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in Consumer Economics and Housing.