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Why do some HVAC tapes have red print on them?

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Foil & Film Tapes, HVAC Tape

HVAC tapes that have red print on them are typically UL listed tapes. But, this must be verified by reading the print on the tape – just because the tape has a red print doesn’t ensure that the tape is UL listed.

The red print often provides pertinent details about the tape,  particularly once the packaging is removed. This may include what UL listing(s) the tape meets, applicable temperature ranges and more.

For the installer, that print helps ensure the right tape is being used, particularly if there’s a specific code to meet. For an inspector, the print provides a quick visual confirmation that the right tape has been used.

Want to know more about UL listings on HVAC tape? See how UL 181A-P and UL 181B-FX differ.


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