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Meet the Participants of Mission: HVAC 2018!

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Mission HVAC

The fourth year of Mission: HVAC is now officially underway! This program grew from a desire to equip students for success in the HVAC field and promote awareness of the hard work and education required to pursue a career in the industry.

This year, three students from different schools around the country were selected to participate in 10 HVAC-themed missions aimed at providing them with in-depth, real-world knowledge of what to expect from a career in HVAC and help them build a strong network of industry professionals to guide them as they finish school and seek employment. Students will respond to each mission through blog posts, and in return for their efforts, each will be awarded with up to $5,000 to put toward the cost of their education.

Say hello to this year’s students!

Stefan Clark: Palm Beach State College

Stefan Clark Mission HVACStefan Clark has worn many hats throughout his career – from owning his own pest control business and working in sales for many years to learning about professions in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and discovering a passion for the HVAC service industry – and has a broad perspective to draw from. His sales position led to him meeting a former HVAC professor at El Camino College in Torrence, California, who became his mentor as he took the plunge and decided to pursue an education in HVAC at Palm Beach State College.

Stefan’s desire to enter the HVAC field grew out of a desire to serve others. After being in the IAQ trade and working closely with cancer patients and sufferers of allergies, asthma, and COPD to provide them with good quality air to breathe, he realized that he could touch their lives even more by providing low-cost services to them and others in need. His dream was cemented after seeing the devastation that hit the thousands of hurricane victims last year and the needs that he had the ability to meet.

After finishing his education, Stefan aspires to earn his contractor’s license and provide affordable HVAC services for low-income families as well as the elderly and disaster distressed populations of Florida. He would also like to be a not-for-profit ground zero helper in getting critical housing systems back online after disasters occur and be instrumental in expediting the process of getting victims back to a livable quality of life following those events.

In his spare time, Stefan enjoys outdoor activities like golf, fishing, tennis, beach volleyball, and spending time by the ocean – especially with a good book in hand!

Other values that drive Stefan include leadership through ethics and team building through relationship management – skills he learned while playing basketball for the University of Denver. His lead-by-example mentality will serve him well in the HVAC field!


Jackson Wilson: Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

Jackson Wilson Mission HVACJackson Wilson was born a hard worker – as a third-generation HVAC technician, working with his hands has always been a part of his life. His grandfather, Bud Wilson, started his own HVAC company in 1983, B&B Sheet Metal Heat & Air Conditioning, Inc. Today, the still family owned company is run by Jackson’s father.

As part of a family of HVAC pros, Jackson always knew this was the field for him. He recalls having helped his father on the job at 10 years old and has a strong knowledge basis that will assist him as he pursues further education in the field. He has always been particularly intrigued by the mechanical and electrical aspects of the HVAC industry, and looks forward to diving into the more technical aspects of the job.

When he isn’t in class or on the job, Jackson enjoys shooting for sport and spending time with his family and friends. Jackson’s close-knit family includes his parents and two older sisters.

After graduation in 2019, Jackson plans to join the workforce and continue to gain experience with the hopes of taking over the family business one day when his father retires. His strong family values and lifelong experience in the HVAC industry will put him one step ahead of the game as he begins his career!


Glenn Coady: Des Moines Area Community College

Glenn Coady Mission HVACGlenn Coady never backs down from a challenge. He served in the United States Army Reserves and has been deployed to Germany, Korea, Kuwait, and Iraq – just to name a few! He even rose through the ranks and became a Master Sergeant – all while maintaining his now 40-year-long career as an Automotive Technician.

Glenn spent the majority of his career working for GM Dealerships and earned an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification at the Master level. Over the years of diagnosing problems and repairing automobiles, he gained exceptional mechanical skills and knowledge that have made shifting to a career in HVAC a breeze.

A love of working with his hands and a passion for serving the country are traits that were passed down to Glenn from his father, who served as a Boiler Technician aboard a Navy ship during the Korean War. His own time in the military – especially time spent in the desert regions of the countries where he was deployed – gave Glenn a new perspective on how crucial air conditioning is and how great a need there is for it.

As a hobby, Glenn enjoys working on his two collector cars and chasing down hard-to-find parts – sometimes traveling around the country to seek them – and occasionally taking his vehicles to car shows around town. He also loves to spend time with his wife, four children, and four grandchildren.

After his 2019 graduation, Glenn plans to work for an established HVAC company and ultimately earn his Journeyman and Master’s licenses in HVAC. He is excited for the challenges and rewarding results ahead!

Congratulations to each of our students, and we can’t wait to see the unique perspectives you bring to the table this year!

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