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Mission: HVAC 2015 – Challenge Three: Your Reputation Will Be Built By Hand

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Mission HVAC

The Pride. The attention to every detail. The striving to do the next job better than the last.

This attitude is one our Mission: HVAC students – along with every other HVAC professional – will come to know quite well as they build their careers in the HVAC field.

To help them get started, we asked Daniel, Josue and Matt to interview someone in the field about professionalism. See what they learned about building – and protecting – their reputations.

Daniel: Build Your Reputation

For our mission on building our reputation, I interviewed Andrew (AJ) Marginean, who gave me some insight into how my dress, words, behavior and job performance would affect my business reputation over the long term. AJ graduated from Gwinnett Technical College with straight “A’s” and is now a licensed HVAC contractor with seven years of experience in both the residential and commercial fields.

As a general contractor, he mainly works on residential remodeling projects. During the interview, I visited one of his projects in Dunwoody, Georgia. The customer of this particular job used AJ’s Lawrenceville, Georgia-based company, Andrew Flooring, for projects at his home, his daughter’s home, and even the home of his in-laws. In the past four years, AJ successfully completed different tasks across a broad spectrum of construction jobs for this family – each time, pleasing his customer.

Being honest, trustworthy and reliable are AJ’s keys to running a successful business. “Be punctual, finish projects in a timely manner, be clean and neat, be polite and smile,” he offered up as words of wisdom.

This interview helped me understand various aspects of doing business in the contractor world beyond putting in a good effort at the jobsite. After the conversation with AJ, I remembered what Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Josue: A Dialog on Professionalism

Recently I interviewed Hector Garcia about his experiences in the HVAC field. He owns his own company and has worked in this arena for multiple companies. I asked him how workers can carry themselves professionally on a jobsite, why taking pride in one’s work is so important and what advice he would give rookies who want to maintain an excellent reputation. 

Hector said he behaves cautiously when he’s on the jobsite, always keeping his customers and other members of the public in mind. He noted the importance of punctuality when meeting customers as well. Importantly, Hector said that if a business emergency occurs, he always calls customers as soon as possible to inform them that he won’t be able to attend scheduled meetings that day.

A customer can always tell if a technician has pride in his or her work, Hector said. “When you take pride in your work, your customer will be awed, pleased, and recommend you to other family and friends,” he said. It gives Hector a boost of confidence to know he did the job right in his customer’s eyes.

In order for newcomers to the field to build and maintain an excellent reputation, Hector said honesty is the only path worth taking during conversations. “You must always be honest with your customers and that will gain their respect and trust, which will ensure they continue to use your services,” he noted. He also mentioned that someone who is new to field should only work on things they are comfortable handling to avoid unnecessary problems.

Matt: Doing the Right Thing

For our third mission, we were asked to interview a professional in the HVAC field. We all know how important it is to maintain a good reputation. Your reputation is your brand, and you want to make sure that customers associate your brand with positive thoughts to ensure they call you again and again when they need something.

I chose to interview one of my bosses, Jeremy Wallace, for this task. Jeremy works for Jordan Air Quality & Heat in Watkinsville, Georgia, and has worked there for approximately two years.

I asked Jeremy what he believes to be the keys to his success and how he maintains a good reputation. Working hard and staying honest topped his list of ways to do well at his job. He also said that his reputation hinges on always doing the right thing and maintaining integrity in his work. Jeremy strongly believes that a business owner must consistently show respect to customers and fellow employees alike.

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