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Mission: HVAC 2016 – Challenge Seven: Tapes for the Trade

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Mission HVAC

For this mission, we sent the Mission: HVAC students some rolls of our HVAC tapes to share and test.  Then, we asked them to tell us how and why tape is important to the HVAC trades.

Derick: AF 100 Foil Tape

There are various kinds of tapes used for various operations in the HVAC field.

One tape I find in the trade that we use in everyday applications is UL Listed AF 100. We used duct board on some applications and this tape worked the best. It can withstand the weather very well and applies very strong.

To apply, you first measure the strip you need, then use a squeegee to smooth the strip as evenly as possible. This method takes out the air bubbles and makes it stick to the surface you are applying it too. This tape has limits as to what it can stick to (for example, wood). It will not be as useful if not applied as stated on the manufacturer’s recommended uses.

What makes this tape valuable is that it has the identification of UL. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. This company is a world leader in product safety testing and certification. Not only do I want a quality tape, but I also want to get the most out of my product by ensuring it has the identification of UL.


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