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Mission: HVAC 2015 – Challenge Nine: Crafting Perfection

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Mission HVAC

We all have our own idea of what constitutes fine craftsmanship.

So, for their ninth mission, we asked Daniel, Josue and Matt to reflect on their definition of craftsmanship and tell us about it. Who and what in their life best exemplifies a job well-done – and why.

Check out what they had to say!

Daniel: A True Craftsman

What exactly is a “true” craftsman?

In my opinion, the difference between a “true” craftsman and an “ok” laborer is passion + 5 extra minutes.

Years ago in Romania, I worked in a huge factory that had more than 3,500 employees. While working here, I once asked a very skilled craftsman machinist why he never rejected a part. And he replied, “Because you guys measure the part once and cut 3 times. I measure the part 3 times and cut once.”

The road to professional perfection is simple. Begin each job with a happy, positive attitude. Be clean, neat and organized. Understand the system or the problem and have a well-thought plan and strategy. Follow procedures according to manufacturer’s specs. And finally, use high-quality tools.

Remember, the fine craftsman creates the tool, but the tool portrays a fine craftsman.

Over the years I’ve learned that a job done well once will last a lifetime.

Josue: Craftsmanship

At the majority of jobsites I’ve worked at, the workers referred to each other as “maestro” to show respect. When people refer to you as “maestro,” they’re calling you a master of your trade.

From technician to master technician, your craftsmanship shows. Always ask yourself: Did I take my time and put effort into everything I touched? Or, was my work sloppy and half finished? In other words, does your work reflect master craftsmanship or bad craftsmanship?

Your works speaks for you and will exemplify the kind of craftsmanship you produce. A master craftsman enjoys respect and a full plate of work; a bad craftsman loses trust and creates a career path that’s not rewarding. When I think about craftsmanship, I always remember something my parents told me when I was growing up: Do everything the right way, so you only do it once.

Matt: Craftsmanship Defined

To me, good craftsmanship means that something is made with quality products, ensuring that it will last. The best examples of craftsmanship are when people make things with their hands, instead of relying on machines. I believe that handmade items are more valuable and precious because they take more time and effort to create.

Craftsmanship could also relate to how well you do a job. I believe that we should always strive to do our best, just like I tell my children. You are only as good as your work shows you are. You want people to be able to depend on you to get the job done right every time – especially as your reputation is at stake. When you do the job the right way, you feel better about yourself and the results of your work.


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