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Mission: HVAC 2015 – Challenge One: A Day in the Life

by | Feb 24, 2015 | Mission HVAC

Our three HVAC students are working hard, attending classes and gaining valuable hands-on experience to get ready for their careers in the field…but we wanted to give them some insight into their futures based on the career paths they’ve chosen.

So, for their first mission, Daniel, Josue and Matt were challenged to get out into the field. We asked them to select a tradesperson and interview them about their job and a “typical” day in their life.

Here’s what they learned:

Daniel: A Day in the Life of HVAC Technician Renato Tuplea

Our challenge to learn about a day in the life of an HVAC technician led me to a very pleasant and informative conversation with Renato Tuplea, a certified professional HVAC technician with over 12 years of experience in both the residential and commercial fields.

Based in Atlanta, Ga., Renato works for Lincoln Harris CSG. Here, his duties include performing preventative maintenance on roof top units, inspecting ductwork and calibrating automation systems on commercial buildings.

During our discussion, we talked about procedures, techniques and tips that could help me make my job more efficient in the future. One topic that really caught my attention was trouble-shooting. Among Renato’s trouble-shooting equipment is a high-tech, remote-controlled gauge – the Fieldpiece SMAN460.

Using this device, Renato is able to save time by performing two tasks simultaneously. This electronic gauge has a probe that he can install in the attic to collect data while he works down at the condensing unit, receiving necessary pressure and temperature information on a remote-controlled digital display.

For me, it’s exciting stuff. I’ll be graduating from Athens Technical College in September, so having the opportunity to talk with someone already out in the workforce was a great first mission.

Josue: A Day in the Life…Being a Business Owner

Mission One was a challenge to learn about a typical day in the life of someone in the HVAC industry. Since I want to own my own business in the future, I chose to interview a business owner.

I spoke with Donnie Jordan, owner of Jordan Air, Inc. Donnie’s company offers residential heating and air conditioning services and is located in Watkinsville, Ga.

To say the least, Donnie has a very busy schedule. Being the owner of a company is not an easy thing, like many may think. It involves countless responsibilities that can be stressful at times, but rewarding in many ways.

Donnie’s top priority is to make sure there’s plenty of work to keep his guys busy. He also needs to stay on top of cutting-edge technology – things that will enhance his customers’ experiences and help keep the planet green. He’s always attending meetings and taking classes to help stay current with what’s happening in his business and the outside world.

A day in his shoes starts off at 5:30 a.m. with breakfast and a review of messages and emails detailing what happened after hours the day before. He must be prepared for what he may encounter once he arrives at the shop at 7 a.m. At the office, he checks to ensure everyone on the team is performing well. Once a week, he meets with his service team and reviews sales reports.

But being in the office isn’t Donnie’s only duty. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he can be found teaching at Athens Technical College. He also visits jobsites and consults with customers – usually leading up to his lunch and following, before ending his day by 6 p.m.

Being a boss isn’t easy. It requires a love and determination for what you’re doing to be successful. Honestly, that applies to everything. Education and motivation are the keys to a successful future.

Matt: A Day in the Life…Never a Dull Moment

Like Josue, I also interviewed Donnie Jordan for our first mission. Donnie is owner of Jordan Air, Inc., a residential heating and air conditioning company located in Watkinsville, Ga.

After high school, Donnie went to work on a farm and discovered that he enjoyed working with his hands. That led him to Athens Technical College, where he received his education. In 1993, Donnie decided to start his own company – he was the only service technician. As time went on, the company became increasingly successful and forced Donnie inside for “office” work. Although the office work keeps him busy, Donnie still occasionally gets out to jobsites to help with troubleshooting. He says that no matter what, there is never a dull moment in the HVACR field as things are always changing and improving.

Donnie also believes in giving back to the trade, which is why he teaches Air Conditioning Technology classes at Athens Technical College. He believes in continuing education and in helping others advance in the field…which is how we met. We started talking at school one day and he ended up offering me a job, which was both exciting and surprising for me, especially since I was only in my second semester in school.

Whether it’s at the office, in the field or in the classroom…there’s never a dull moment. That’s exactly what I want from my career in the field…an interesting job with variety, opportunities to learn and the ability to use problem-solving skills.

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